The Sun Country Ufly Rewards program gives consumers immediate rewards for their flights and allows them to share their rewarded points with others of their choosing. This series of print ads take those benefits and use comparisons to create interest in the program.

Playing off of the selfie craze that was making an upswing at the time, this Sun Country Airlines ad was able to promote the luxury of the destination and the current sale in a way that was more than just a pretty picture of a vacation destination.

Who doesn’t like a little potty humor now and then? This Dairy opens it’s doors to the public to create good will within the community and let them have a little fun at the same time. We felt the ad should do the same.

This strip ad follows typical Sun Country Airlines branding with the pairing of a unique visual that works in tandem with a pithy headline to draw attention.

The Cambria app gives consumers the ability to see designs and daydream about their new kitchen from the comfort of their home…effectively bringing a Cambria showroom where ever the consumer happened to be. This ad touting that experience reflected the exclusive, high end brand that Cambria is known to be.

Print Ads

Who says print is dead? While the print ad may be on the decline for consumer acquisition, they’re still a heck of a lot of fun to work on. Every ad is an opportunity to find new ways to make even the most boring of topics fun and interesting.