A clever copywriter once told me, “a little cow goes a long way”. These website take over banners for Sun Country Airlines had to communicate new flights to Chicago. The campaign, playing off of a locally well known old wives tale, were a fun and playful way to draw attention the the new flight offering.

Cambria often sponsors local sports events as a way to show support for the community. This email invitation needed to show Cambria’s support without being heavy handed advertising.

Sun Country Airlines features regular weekly flight specials known as ‘Wing It’. To keep customers from glossing over the specials on the website each week the landing page graphics and coinciding social media graphics would change out. We had a lot of fun coming up with these.

With the launch of a redesigned website, Cambria needed a way to draw people in to look through the enhancements and drive conversion traffic. The simplicity of the visual with the headline were a way to draw consumers in.

With a redesigned website, focusing more on bringing consumers inspiration, Cambria need a communication piece that spoke to the improved visuals as well as the improved interface. This email implying that the site is so beautiful you’ll forget where you are at was a fun way to communicate the new features of the website.


My interactive work includes designing and coding websites; manipulating WordPress websites; creating web graphics; managing and designing email newsletters; creating email layouts and interactive pdfs.